OUGC was founded in December 1937 as part of the Oxford University and City Gliding Club. The club began operating from Cumnor Meadow in spring 1938, with distinguished Austrian pilot, Robert Kronfeld, as the club’s Chief Flying Instructor. Due to the persecution of Jews in Europe, Kronfeld had fled to Britain, becoming a British Citizen in 1939, and serving in the RAF as a Squadron Leader during the Second World War. Later in 1938, the club moved briefly to the Chiltern Ridge, between Aston Rowant and Lewknor, before the termination of sport flying at the outbreak of war.

The club reformed in 1951 at Kidlington, before moving to Weston-on-the-Green in 1956. The club then moved to the current site at Bicester in the mid 1970s, with just a single K7 glider, joining the Windrushers Gliding Club and the RAF Gliding and Soaring Association. The K7 had been obtained thanks to the generosity of local dentist, Peter Pratelli, who later assisted the club in buying a twin-seater Grob G103 Twin II, EGN. Both the K7 and G103 have since moved to other clubs. In 1986, OUGC aquired single seater Grob Astir CS, FEF, and 5 years later ASK 21, GAM. FEF is still faithfully serving the club, while GAM was replaced by a ESB, also ASK 21, in 2016. In 2004, the RAF left Bicester, which was subsequently reclaimed by the Windrushers.

OUGC currently serves students and staff at both Oxford Brookes University and the University of Oxford, having a lively community of c. 80 members. The club operates alongside the Windrushers Gliding Club at Bicester airfield, with a fleet of two gliders, and also access to Windrushers fleet of eight gliders. Many new pilots are trained to solo standard each year and many others progress on to achieve gliding badges. The club regularly organises expeditions and competitions that give members the opportunity to show off their flying skills and experience new locations, culminating in the summer Varsity against Cambridge University Gliding Club.

The Committee

Tor Walberg - President

Tor photo

Hi, I’m Tor and I’m OUGC’s President. This is my second year on the committee, having been Alumni and Development officer last year. When I’m not at the airfield I spend my time working on my Geography Ba at Jesus College.

I'm fairly new to gliding, having only started in October 2017. However in this short time it has developed from a pleasurable pastime to a slightly worrying addiction! My favourite moment so far was definitely my first solo flight – it is without a doubt one of the most fun and exhilarating experiences someone can ever have. My mission as president is for as many people as possible to experience it too!

If you have any questions about the club please feel free to drop me an email at president@ougc.org.

Ka Ho Tam - Treasurer

Ka Ho photo

Hi! My name is Ka Ho. I'm a DPhil student in Biomedical Imaging at Hertford College. I joined OUGC in October 2017, and have been steadily progressing ever since. I find gliding incredibly exhilarating and aspire to be able to fly vast distances across the country!

I will be serving as the treasurer on the OUGC committee to ensure that the club runs smoothly for all pilots. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at treasurer@ougc.org.

Chia-Man Hung - Captain

Chia-Man photo

Hi there! I’m Chia-Man, OUGC’s captain. I really wish this meant I am a good pilot :-) When I am not gliding, I work on my DPhil in machine learning. I design algorithms and teach machines how to behave.

My gliding experience is rather limited, as I only joined the club in late October 2017, shortly after I started my DPhil. I was hooked on my first day of gliding and have never looked back since then. Always a bit optimistic about the British weather, you may find me even on a day with not-so-great weather forecast. This also led to me going solo in two and a half terms’ time, a memory I will cherish forever.

As your captain, I am dedicated to organising gliding camps, expeditions and competitions. These are some of the most exciting and fun parts of gliding – you get to fly at new sites, hone your flying skills, meet new people and make really good friends. We have had some amazing overseas and domestic expeditions in the past, as well as winter training camps and aerobatics camps. If you have any ideas about new places to visit, competitions to partake in, or potential camps to organise, do let me know as we are always looking to explore new things!

Looking forward to seeing you at the airfield and do not hesitate to drop me a line at captain@ougc.org.

Yusuf İkbal Oldaç - Membership Secretary

Yusuf photo

Hi there! I am Yusuf, a DPhil student in Education at St Edmund Hall. I am passionate about flying gliders; they let me enjoy the beauty of nature without the distraction of engine noise.

As the membership secretary of OUGC, I do my best to make sure that everyone interested in flying joins the club and receives a warm welcome! You will hear from me when you first decide to sign up or if you have any questions about joining the club.

If you have any questions about how to join the club, feel free to get in touch with me at membership@ougc.org.

Rowan Border - Maintenance Officer

Rowan photo

Hi all! My name is Rowan and I'm the maintenance officer for OUGC. I'm a second year DPhil student in Robotics where I also work on flying things - making an autonomous multi-rotor drone. I joined the gliding club last year and have had a fantastic time. My favourite flight so far was getting up to 12000ft at Portmoak in Scotland while wave soaring. I love being in the air in any form - I also want to learn powered flight and did skydiving during my undergraduate degree in Edinburgh.

As maintenance officer, I will be endeavouring to keep the gliders at maximum operational capacity for maximum flying and also the trailers operational so we can take gliders to all the expeditions. You can help us out by letting us know if you notice anything on the gliders or trailers that needs a fix-up. Thanks!

Yoon-Young Lee - Social Secretary

Yoon-Young photo

Hi! My name is Yoon Young. I’m a DPhil candidate in education and I joined OUGC last autumn. Before coming to the UK, I have never heard of gliding to be honest. I first saw the club at the Fresher’s Fair and I knew that I would love gliding right away! I have been learning how to fly since then, and had my first soaring last weekend for over an hour. I went up to nearly 5000ft with my instructor and absolutely enjoyed the feeling when we were getting closer to the Sun! I am sure you will too if you haven’t tried gliding yet!

As a social secretary, I plan and host events for the club including after-flying socials, aviation-themed talks, pizza nights and cocktail parties throughout the year with the committee. I’d like to bring everybody together and make this year an enjoyable one for you!

Peter Belcak - Alumni and Development Officer

Peter photo

Hi all, I am Peter, a second-year Mathematics student at St Hilda's. I started gliding in the TT of my first year and spent almost every weekend in the following summer gliding with OUGC.

I am helping around in the committee, dealing mostly with the Alumni and Development-related activities, running of the intro days and lending my hand for maintenance when I'm free on the airfield.

Philipp Kerth - Secretary

Philipp photo

Hi! My name is Philipp and I am a DPhil Candidate in Engineering Science at the Hypersonics Research Group. As a child I have developed a strong interest in Aerospace and wanted to fly planes myself ever since. Hence, I started Gliding in 2016. About a year later I became a licensed Glider Pilot and I have recently added a rating for Touring Motor Gliders.

I serve as Secretary in the club and help out with the maintenance of our gliders and trailers, so we can fly safely and have fun! If you think about joining our club I can only encourage you to do it! Gliding is for sure the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced!

Bogdan Toader - IT Secretary

Bogdan photo

Hello! I'm Bogdan, the IT officer for OUGC this year.

I came to Oxford in October 2015 to start my DPhil in applied mathematics and that's when I also started gliding. Having practiced my landings for many months, I finally landed the job of membership and IT secretary, which I held for two years. As I will soon be starting my final year of DPhil, I decided that being an IT secretary only is enough work.

My job revolves mainly around maintaining and updating the website, so please check it out -- lots of good information here!

Alexander-Schleicher ASK 21, ESB

The ASK 21 is a two-seater glider, constructed of glass-reinforced plastic, designed primarily for training. OUGC’s ASK21 is known as ‘ESB’. The ASK 21 is easy to fly and is used for initial-pre solo training, post-solo conversion from the wooden K13 and K8 to glass-gliders and also advanced training for aerobatics and cross-country. A very versatile glider indeed!

Type Seats Empty weight Maximum take-off weight Stall speed Maximum speed (VNE) Best glide ratio G-limits
ASK-21 2 450kg 650kg 35 kts (65kph) 151kts (280kph) 34 at 49kts -4G, +6.5G


Grob Astir CS, FEF

The Astir is a high performance single-seat glider, constructed of glass-reinforced plastic, used for cross-country and competition flights. OUGC’s Astir, 'FEF', can be flown by club members at a discounted rate. The Astir is more challenging to fly than the ASK 21, and pilots can convert once competent solo pilots.

Type Seats Empty weight Maximum take-off weight Stall speed Maximum speed (VNE) Best glide ratio G-limits
Astir CS 1 280kg 450kg (including 80L waterballast) 35 kts (65kph) 135kts (250kph) 36 at 55kts -2G, +4.5G

Windrushers Fleet

OUGC members also automatically become members of Windrushers gliding club, allowing us to use their gliders as well.

Their fleet consist of:

5 Schleicher K13s: ‘KKR’, ‘HMV’, ‘JXM’, ‘HAL’ and ‘CCZ’. These wooden two-seater gliders are primarily used for pre-solo training.
A Schleicher K8: ‘EED’. This is a wooden single seater and is usually the first single seater members fly.
A Grob Twin III ‘PX’. This is a two-seater used for cross-country training and conversion to the Astirs.
A Grob Astir CS single seater ‘DFR’, same model as ‘FEF’, used for experienced solo pilots and to fly cross-country.

Soaring Fees

To fly the gliders owned by OUGC or Windrushers, you will be charged a soaring fee per minute of flight time, up to a maximum of 3 hours.

Glider type K13s ASK-21 ‘ESB’ Twin III ‘PX’ K8 ‘EED’ Astir ‘FEF’ Astir ‘DFR’
Soaring fee 28p/min 20p/min 32p/min 21p/min 15p/min 28p/min

*These prices are for OUGC members only.

Daily Rental Fees

It is also possible to rent the gliders owned by OUGC or Windrushers for exclusive use during expeditions and competitions. Rental of Windrushers gliders can be arranged via the office at the airfield and is at the discretion of Windrushers’ committee.

Rental of OUGC gliders is arranged directly with the OUGC committee. Non-OUGC members will have to sign a rental agreement prior to this. It is recommended to get in touch with the OUGC committee well in advance to discuss any rental plans you might have.

Anyone wanting to take a glider to another site needs to get prior permission from the CFI.

ASK-21 ‘ESB’ Astir ‘FEF’
OUGC members £30 / day £25 / day
Windrushers’ Cadet members £40 / day £30 / day
Windrushers’ Full members £65 / day £50 / day

*Hire for 9 day competitions or expeditions will be charged a 7 days hire.

Email ougc-gliders@ougc.org for more info!

This page was last updated 3rd May 2017.