We regularly organise expeditions, competitions and training weeks, held both at other sites and at our home airfield. In essence, they are gliding holidays. A group of us normally stay together at a lodge or camp and get LOADS of flying with dedicated instructors, whilst also enjoy other gliding and non-gliding related fun. Every summer we have the Varsity competition against Cambridge University Gliding Club. During the Easter break we hold our annual expedition to Portmoak, an amazing ridge soaring site in Scotland, where we are joined by other university gliding clubs. Winter training camps for new members always take place at the end of Michaelmas terms. We also run ad hoc trips to other sites. Forthcoming trips are always advertised in members' newsletters as well as on our facebook page.


In 2017, OUGC has organised:

Read the following blogs from members and find out more.

Varsity 2018, Chia-Man Hung

Portmoak 2018, Rowan Border

Winter Training Camp 2017, Tor Walberg

Aerobatics Camp 2017, Mylynn Bowker

La Motte 2017, Mylynn Bowker

Varsity 2017, Dinant Riks

Portmoak 2017, Cecilia Bailey

Sutton Bank 2017, Osvaldo Galeano Gamarra

Winter Training Camp 2016, Cecile Berillon

Varsity 2016, Cecilia Bailey

La Cerdanya, Spain, 2016, Mylynn Bowker

Camphill 2016, Edgar Brucke

Portmoak 2016, Elliot Akama-Garren

Winter Training Camp 2015, Taskeen Nawab

Inter-Uni 2015, David Ascough

Varsity 2015, Dinant Riks

Cross Country on May Day 2015, Qin Cao & Oliver Bosanko

Portmoak 2015, Mylynn Bowker

Winter Training Camp 2014, Qin Cao